Azimzadeh Machine Building

Manufacturer of blower and pet machines with the highest quality and the most appropriate price

about us

Azimzadeh Machine Building is a designer and manufacturer of automatic and semi-automatic devices in the field of balloons and PET, which uses the latest technology in the world, specialized workforce and operation of machinery of large companies operating in this field.

Since the use of miscellaneous brands and substandard raw materials in the production of machines will reduce the quality of production machines, we use the best brands and quality raw materials in the production of our machines to satisfy our customers. that is why we have been able to gain the honor of being the top manufacturer and the most sales in the last few years.

Our effort is to increase the quality of our products in the domestic and foreign markets by using surveys of our customers.

It is enough to use our company’s products and services only once to become our regular customer.



Advice on the type of activity, the idea considered and the customer expects from the device to produce or sell



Complete design and update of various machines in the field of pet and blowers



Production of all parts and components of machines that can compete with foreign samples


Setting up

Commissioning of machines up to the moment of profitability, production and support