Design and manufacture of PET bottle blower

Due to the fact that the PET bottle blower is the most important part of a factory that produces packaged liquids, so according to the factors of bottle production, required bottle volume and type of bottle, the best design and construction will be the key to the success of Azimzadeh Machine Building and its valued customers.

Azimzadeh Machine Building Engineering, Research and Development Department is diligent in achieving this by using many years of experience and modern technology.

Engineered programs in designing, manufacturing parts with CNC machines, selecting suitable materials and using high quality brands in standard parts, has made Azimzadeh Machine-Building as the top manufacturer, the most sales in recent years.

Design and manufacture of PET bottle blower furnaces

Azimzadeh Machine Building is also active in the field of manufacturing PET bottle blower furnaces automatically and semi-automatically.

The design and construction of these furnaces is done according to the customer’s needs and can be used for any type of bottle with any opening.

The uniformity of the inflated bottle thickness, the non-damage to the bottle opening and the reduction of the bottle waste to zero are considered in the design of the furnace.

Overhaul and optimization of PET bottle blowers

We can repair or overhaul your machines, which have been working for many years and are now in trouble, in the best possible way. So that you can use the highest level of performance of your device again as before.

Reducing the amount of waste and increasing the production of bottles is the main goal of overhaul.

Design and manufacture of various types of PET bottle molds

The design and construction of the mold is done by advanced CNC software and machines.

The design and construction of the mold is started according to the customer’s taste and Azimzadeh machine-building ideas, and by presenting the design, the 3D printing of the bottle sample, the complete construction of the mold and the production of prototypes and the delivery of the mold to the customer are done.

In making PET molds, 6000 and 7000 series aluminum are used to make the body and plated steel in the parts of pins and locks, etc. The mold is polished and delivered with anti-scratch Andabes coating.

Automatic machine molds such as three-coil, four-coil, combi and manual machines can be made in any volume and size of the opening.